Nouveau système de comptage

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Nouveau système de comptage

Message non lu par Monsieur G » 01 juil. 2023, 17:28

Voici ce qui pourrait être le système de comptage balancé et sans "side count" des As le plus performant sur le marché !

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CAC2 Blackjack Card Counting Strategy

Note from the site admin: Much has occurred in the blackjack world since Dr. Edward Thorp got the ball rolling with Beat the Dealer over a half century ago; and Dr. Peter Griffin released his deep dive into the math with The Theory of Blackjack. Many researchers since have built upon the shoulders of these giants with many improvements. But, neither has the game stood still. As the game changes, it is up to the loyal opposition, the advantage players, to keep pace. Most everyone who has been in the field for a significant period knows of Cacarulo’s excellent research in the field. In this effort, the assumptions and conclusions of the past have been revisited based on the game as it exists today. Combining this new research with the advantages of far faster computers and modern computational techniques, a superior strategy is constructed, which is offered for sale here. Below find the overview by Cac.
--Norm Wattenberger

I am excited to share with you the birth of a revolutionary new card counting system. After growing tired of the same old systems, I have dedicated years of research to developing a simple, yet powerful system that surpasses all known ace-reckoned and balanced systems in terms of SCORE. In collaboration with Zenfighter, we have created a new approach for calculating Playing Efficiency (PE) and Betting Efficiency (BE), as the existing methods were based on single deck (SD) and less relevant plays in today’s blackjack landscape. Our focus has always been on shoes, as they are the most common scenario in modern blackjack games.

During my research, I stumbled upon new tags with PE values that exceeded those of existing systems. I continued to push further, conducting hundreds of simulations to compare the SCOREs of each system, ultimately discovering a groundbreaking level-2 system that outperforms almost all commonly used systems, not only in 6D but also in 2D games. I have given the name CAC2 to this system, and it exhibits superior performance compared to other systems such as Zen, Halves, UAPC, RPC, EBJ2, RAPC, various level-3 and level-4 systems, and of course, all level-1 systems.


“The SCORE and the limits of your own abilities to use a counting system are like two supreme judges. There is no possible appeal against their final verdicts. Try this new one. An amazing combination of strength and moderate easiness of use.”

"My sense is that, henceforth, when players search for the very best, yet easy to master, point count available, they will turn to CAC2, confident in the knowledge that they are utilizing one of the strongest systems ever created."
--Don Schlesinger
Monsieur G

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Re: Nouveau système de comptage

Message non lu par Medi » 31 oct. 2023, 08:16


Votre travail de recherche et développement semble révolutionnaire et prometteur pour l'univers du blackjack. J'ai hâte d'en apprendre davantage sur le système CAC2 et d'explorer ses avantages en termes de Score par rapport aux systèmes existants. Si vous avez besoin de plus d'infos, voir ici.

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Re: Nouveau système de comptage

Message non lu par Lina03 » 23 nov. 2023, 12:25


Wow, ça a l'air d'une sacrée avancée dans le monde du comptage de cartes au blackjack! Le système CAC2 semble vraiment prometteur, surtout si ça simplifie le processus tout en améliorant l'efficacité. C'est impressionnant de voir comment les techniques évoluent avec le temps et la technologie. Ça donne envie de voir ce système en action et de comparer avec les méthodes plus classiques. Merci pour le partage et bon jeu ! 🃏👍🎲